Photography submissions guidelines:

Hello everyone! We continually welcome fresh submissions for both our Magazines Posh Provocative and Pelicans Magazine. To streamline the submission process, we’ve outlined some guidelines for your convenience. Please be aware that any submissions not adhering to these guidelines will regrettably not undergo review.

When submitting your story, ensure it’s in PDF format. There’s no need to send large files; a more manageable size will suffice for an initial review. Please refrain from sending individual photos. If we find your work suitable, we’ll reach out to you.

Posh Provocative editorial  submissions:

Our priority is to provoke so we accept Provocative content as long as it is tastefull.
Try to see if those words appear on your photographs: Provocative, Styling, Skin, Fashion, Portraits.

An editorial for Posh Provocative can have even one look only, but it has to be at least 6 images!

Please direct your submissions to

Fashion editorials for Posh Provocative submissions:

As a Fashion Magazine Posh Provocative accepts Fashion Editorials.
Your submissions should contain at least 4 looks. Try to include beauty portraits, full body shots, as well as a cover shot for your submission.

Please direct your submissions to

Pelicans Magazine editorial  submissions:

Our priority in Pelicans Magazine is the classic Playboy style. We accept nude photoshoots as long as they are artistically done.
See references at Pelicans Magazine – Issue 01

An editorial for Pelicans Magazine can have even one look only, but it has to be at least 8 images!

Please direct your submissions to