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If you are not on social media, you can send us a separate email with the above information and your photos at

Be a Posh Queen

Posh Provocative is a Magazine centered on Art, Sensuality and Style, published on September ’23 by Greek fashion photographer Chris Voreos. We are currently looking for models in Greece, and models who can travel to Greece, to be photographed for our future publications. No matter the experience, anyone above the age of 18 can apply to this great opportunity in becoming a Posh Queen. Photoshoot Details: Chris Voreos is the photographer in all photoshoots taking place in Greece. The style of these photoshoots is similar to our Posh Issue 01, chosing the most ideal locations to fit the atmospheric & vintage mood of Posh Provocative editorials.

Apply Online

The quickest & easiest way is to send us your instagram profile via this page. Make sure you complete all the sections and someone will be in touch with you if we feel that you have the Posh Provocative look for us. If you are not on social media,please feel free to send us an email containing both the requested information and your photos at