Anthi Paraskevaidou Posh Interview

Candid and revealing, Anthi's interview provides a glimpse into her world of fashion, lifestyle, and luxury. Anthi offers insights into a vision of an ideal world, perfumed with Hollywood charm.

Anthi Paraskevaidou at American Burger House Greece. Photography by the_priestp

Anthi Paraskevaidou: A Posh Queen’s Journey through Fashion, Art, and Lifestyle

Anthi Paraskevaidou is a model, actor, and tattoo artist from Greece, and of course, a vegeterian and a cat-whisperer. A Posh Queen known for her elaborately styled shoots, Anthi has confidently blended the worlds of art and fashion, carving her own unique path. She appears in music videos such as ‘Realease me’ for a favorite Indie Pop composer Monsieur Minimal, and most recently in the debut music video for Fever (The Band), of a captivating sound titled ‘Popstar’. Wheather she dreamt to live in a mansion before or not, I asked, out of pure curiosity, and discussed lifestyle after taking over Hollywood.

Interview with Anthi Paraskevaidou

Interviewer: Chris Voreos
Anthi Paraskevaidou
Anthi at American Burger House Greece. Photography by the_priestp

Posh Provocative: Who are your fashion idols?

Anthi: My fashion idols are Coco Rocha, Jessica Stam, Sasha Pivovarova, Elsa Hosk.

Posh Provocative: Were you popular in school?

Anthi: I wasn’t that popular, but I wasn’t unnoticed too!

Posh Provocative: In terms of fashion and lifestyle, what elements from previous decades would you keep to create an ideal world for you?

Anthi: In terms of fashion and lifestyle only I would chose America’s 60s.

Posh Provocative: New York or right on Hollywood?

Anthi: Hollywood!

Posh Provocative: Which fashion house would you want to be the muse for?

Anthi: Dolce & Gabbana.

Posh Provocative: Favorite fashion brands, favorite color, favorite perfume.

Anthi: I am not a die-hard fan of famous fancy brands, but as long as we’re talking about bags, I would say Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci. Favourite colour black. Perfume Lolita Lempicka.

Posh Provocative: What’s your tallest heel?

Anthi: I would say 20cm.

Posh Provocative: Name a body part you will never have a tattoo.

Anthi: Under the foot.

Anthi Paraskevaidou
Anthi at American Burger House Greece. Photography by the_priestp

Anthi’s vision on luxury

Posh Provocative: Would you choose to live in a castle or a mansion?

Anthi: That’s a very difficult question ‘cos I love both… let’s say mansion.

Posh Provocative: That’s a lot of space to live in, how often would you go out?

Anthi: Probably never.

Posh Provocative: What flowers would bloom in the garden and what animals would we see around besides cats…?

Anthi: Possibly exotic flowers and trees, hahaha beside cats …. you know me so well ! Maybe monkeys !? I really love all kinds of animals so you would possibly also see loads of pigs, cows, sheep, lamps etc etc…

Posh Provocative: You asked the architect to place a large statue at the entrance. What was it?

Anthi: Ellie Lambeti.

Posh Provocative: What’s the most interesting feature the mansion would have?

Anthi: I guess the maximalist decoration and the big cat playground.

Anthi at American Burger House Greece. Photography by the_priestp

In the spotlight with Anthi Paraskevaidou

Posh Provocative: Name a major magazine that you should be on the cover.

Anthi: I’m quite humble so Vogue is just fine for me!

Posh Provocative: Which celebrity would send you annoying DMs on instagram and you immediately block them?

Anthi: Adam Levine.

Posh Provocative: Name a band or a singer that you would wait for days at the casting to be in their music video.

Anthi: Harry Styles of course.

Anthi Paraskevaidou
photograph by Vasilis Kagkelaris
Anthi Paraskevaidou
photograph by Vasilis Kagkelaris

Posh Provocative: If you were on a reality tv show, how long could you keep calm before bursting an intense moment and what would it be that pissed you off?

Anthi: I’m trying to stay calm whatever happens in every day life but what really pisses me off is injustice.

Posh Provocative: Name three movies that must do a remake with you in the female leading role.

Anthi: ‘Lolita’, ‘The notebook’, ‘Whatever happened to baby Jane’.

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