An open letter by Chris Voreos to Angel Investors

I’ve been around photography for a decade, but my main goal now is to run a few magazines, to bring back the 90’s era of the rise of lifestyle magazines. This is why I created Posh Provocative and Pelicans Magazine. So, with my business partner, we are looking for Angel Investors for any of the magazines to share all the success. As a business, our income will mostly come from a subscription-based pricing model for the online content, followed by printed editions and advertising campaigns through the websites and the printed magazines. Our angel investors will become part of the whole journey, discussing ideas, meeting the models, travelling to production photoshoots and joining us at every event.

About the magazines

Posh Provocative and Pelicans Magazine are two almost identical projects with the main difference being that Posh is centered in a provocative style of fashion photography but contains no nudity, while Pelicans Magazine is focusing on nude photoshoots, keeping a classic Playboy style. My goal is to bring photoshoots with elite models and the best models that readers follow on social media for both magazines. Subscribers pay to view the monthly photoshoots content in both magazines while they also contain articles and interviews available to the public reader. At the moment, the subscription stage is not active, as there is no new content available.

Angel Investors can contact us at

Chris Voreos