A Questionable Union: Pornhub and the Fashion Industry

January 11, 2024

Fashion’s New Frontier: The Blurring of Lines with Porn

In a provocative new campaign, the Dsquared2 duo takes us on a sultry journey to the heart of Porn Valley, where a woman with a coveted creeper body and radiant skin lies before the lens, her legs splayed wide. The backdrop buzzes with a technical team, as she grows exasperated. This spring-summer 2024 endeavor, marked by kitschy 90’s clips and a nod to nostalgia, boldly blurs the lines between fashion, sex, and humor, echoing the likes of Vivienne Westwood’s Sex boutique and Jean Paul Gaultier’s Toy Boys.

In a bold move, the fashion world is embracing the adult industry, with designers and influencers alike courting porn stars for their campaigns and runway shows. From Vivienne Westwood’s 2016 collaboration with Colby Keller to KNWLS’ spring-summer 2024 showcase featuring Mia Khalifa, the boundary between fashion and sex is being increasingly blurred. The latest example of this trend is Shayne Oliver’s partnership with Natassia Dreams and Pornhub, which has resulted in a capsule collection and music video.

Former dominatrix Julia Fox on the Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2024 runway at Milan Fashion Week
The star of porn actors Rocco Siffredi, on the Dsquared2 spring-summer 2024 catwalk at Milan Fashion Week.

Pornhub’s Bold Move: Partnering with Fashion Designer Shayne Oliver

In a bold move, Pornhub has partnered with fashion designer Shayne Oliver, citing shared values of consent, freedom of sexual expression, and diversity. However, this collaboration may be seen as a calculated attempt to improve the brand’s image after a string of scandals, including the Netflix documentary “Pornhub” which exposed abuses on the platform. Meanwhile, other brands like Han Kjøbenhavn and Diesel are opting for more nuanced approaches to sex and sexuality, partnering with brands that prioritize prevention and safety, such as Sinful and Durex.